Tuesday, 2 November 2010

UKPAC Register Open For Business

The public affairs industry takes a further step forward in delivering transparent accountability today, as the UKPAC Register is opened up for CIPR members to submit their details.

The PRCA and APPC have run our own Public Affairs Registers for years now, but their weakness has been a lack of comprehensive cover, and the simple annoyance of looking at two different registers. Very soon, both of those weaknesses will be gone.

Just by way of clarity for our member employees –you’re covered by your corporate PRCA or APPC memberships already. So if you’re also a CIPR member, you don’t need to register again –your details will be registered as the whole PRCA Register is uploaded in one go.

I’m a member of the CIPR, and I do the odd bit of lobbying. So I guess I’d better sign up. Off to the UKPAC site I go……

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