Friday, 26 November 2010

PRCA response to today’s High Court ruling

London, 26 November 2010 – Following the High Court’s decision in favour of the NLA, Francis Ingham, PRCA chief executive said “We are disappointed by today’s decision and believe it fundamentally to be flawed – it risks putting an end to the freedom with which information can be shared on the Internet. We are discussing the detailed implications of the judgement with our lawyers and in the meantime have been granted permission to appeal.

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  1. Yes, this is a very serious development. As you probably recall, we (PendryWhite) handled the Right2Link Campaign at the very beginning of the year (thanks to the great support of NewsNow which deserves credit for seeing this coming long before anyone else).

    At short notice, our public affairs advisers brought the matter to the attention of the Lords. There was also an e-petition.

    Everything was suspended to allow the election to take place and to see through this particular case. It would seem that the law has disappointed us in the defence of a fundamental right and the matter may become political once again.

    This has immense potential implications for the fair drawing of an appropriate line between the ownership of intellectual property and the mass sharing of information under fair use and it requires a dialogue with others concerned with the attempt by old media to land-grab rights at the public expense.

    Perhaps the appeal process should be seen through but in early 2011 all those concerned with this issue should start to make common cause on fundamental rights.