Thursday, 23 June 2011

Ding Dong the COI is Dead

Francis Maude has announced the COI's demise. Excellent news. I think tonight I shan't be the only one celebrating its demise.

Here's our official response:

"The Government is absolutely right to abolish the COI. Over recent years, it has become an appalling example of waste, inefficiency and blinkeredness. Within our industry, its reputation for arrogance and indifference has become legendary -very, very few people will mourn its passing.

In our formal submission to the Cabinet Office review, we urged the Government either to reform or to abolish the COI. We are delighted that we clearly share the same sentiments.

Those who weep for the COI do so from a position either of ignorance or of self-interest. Francis Maude has taken a bold and correct decision, and should be complimented, not criticised for doing so."


  1. I will freely admit to being on the "ignorance" side of the line here, but I can't help but feel the 400 or so people at the COI who may currently be concerned about their jobs, their ability to support their families etc, are perhaps deserving of some compassion.

    Tough decisions are unavoidable in business - that isn't exactly news to anyone. But there's a place for empathy and humility too.

  2. Agreed. This is rather unseemly. We are talking about 400 fellow professionals. Bad form Francis.

  3. If you beleive the COI to be of use, I suggest you check this out:

  4. Mr Ingham.... I find it amusing you talk of arrogance and ignorance. It is the EU that have changed the procedure for setting up rosters. COI had to adapt current systems to comply with EU-wide procurement law. Mate of Maude's are you?

  5. I find Mr Ingham's celebration of the loss of so many jobs within the very industry he has the priviledged position to represent extremely distasteful.

    Having worked with the COI specifically with the in-house PR teams who supported the work of the government, I know that there's real talent and creativity that is going to be lost due to this decision.