Friday, 6 August 2010

The Guardian needs a fact check

Yesterday, the Guardian ran an 'investigative' piece about PR companies supposedly 'reputation laundering' for oppresive regimes.

They should buy a dictionary. Their view of 'investigative' is essentially to start with a prejudice; add a bit of speculation; throw in a cropped quotation. And -bingo! A front page story!

So let us be clear:

PR is a 'growing market'. Not in terms of working for overseas governments, but because it's a growing discipline across professional services.

It's *previously* autocratic governments that are now democracies which realise they need to talk with their populations, rather than just dictate to them.

And I make no apology for London being a global PR hub. A hub for ethical, professional communications advice.

'Professional'. It's an important word. It's one the Guardian should look up in a dictionary. Because it certainly isn't a word that they understand right now.