Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Signing Up For The Voyage

As you might have read in PR Week, it's now public that I've committed to stay at the PRCA until January 2013 at the very least. It wasn't a particularly hard decision -I like to see things through, and despite the PRCA team achieving much over the past three years or so, I still think there's a great deal more to do. What have we done so far? Well....

Stage one was to steady the ship. I think we did that pretty well.

Stage two was to improve the offering. We did that too. Our business referral service FAPRA is enormously bigger than it was; our training beats the competition hands down in terms of quality and price; our range and quality of member services has never been better.

Stage three was to grow. Well, we've certainly done that -we now have twice the number agency members we had in 2007. We have in-house teams too. We have a freelancer network. We have international members.

And all the while to start offering the industry the leadership and support it has lacked so often and so noticeably.

So what's the next stage?

More of the above of course, but something else too. We need to set the direction of the industry rather than just comment on it. And with the team and the members we have, we can certainly do that.

We also intend to link up with like-minded, complimentary bodies. We have a number of those partnerships on the cards, and will be announcing them soon enough. The aim is to add value to our existing members, and to increase still further our relevance to our industry.

So the plan for the next two and a half years? Full steam ahead of course!

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