Wednesday, 2 March 2011

UKPAC and public affairs regulation

Yesterday, the UKPAC Register launched.

It's a significant step forward. Combining the existing registers of the PRCA and the APPC, and bringing in new entries from CIPR individuals working in public affairs too, it is the most comprehensive summary of who works in the public affairs industry. It details names, contact details and clients,

I know that 251 CIPR members (including myself) have signed up; and that 61 PRCA member organisations employing 706 public affairs are registered too. Those 61 include -for the first time- 24 in house teams, as the PRCA represents in-house teams too.

Add to that number the APPC's consultancies too, and you have a very significant figure.

Now I know that for some people, this is not enough. They will demand more and more. And, frankly, whatever we delivered would never be enough.

Whatever their criticisms, this is a significant stop forward. It provides a foundation on which to grow self-regulation. It is -though doubtless our detractors will dispute this -a good thing.

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