Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The power of personal endorsement

A slightly unusual post today –though I hope with a vague professional purpose.

Yesterday was pretty memorable, though it began ordinarily enough. Having spent last week at home waiting (unsuccessfully) for the supposedly imminent arrival of our second child, I returned to work, albeit with an intentionally light diary. Ahead of evening drinks for financial PR agencies hosted at College Hill, I had lunch with the effervescent Don Clark, until recently Sales Director at Vocus. Our discussion of his big plans for the future was proceeding nicely until I received the message that my son’s entry into the world was imminent.

Cue urgent phone calls to arrive a speedy return home. Cue also extraordinary enthusiasm from the restaurant staff. With a Mediterranean flourish, they produced a bottle of spirits while I waited for a cab, and toasts began –at the restaurant’s expense.

Result? A nervous ten-minutes made much less tense, and an extremely satisfied customer. Result also, this ringing endorsement –About Thyme is an excellent restaurant, with good, unfussy food, a decent wine list, and –most of all- friendly and welcoming staff. It’s also a great place to have lunch if you’re wife’s about to give birth! Professional point? Your customers can be great builders of your corporate reputation. I certainly intend singing About Thyme’s praises.

And for those of you who might be interested to know, I made it home in time (just) to see the birth of my 10lb 0oz son!

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